Boys and Girls Preschool: Ages 4-5 years
Our preschool program is especially designed to help each child develop individual awareness and coordination.  The progressive format presents each preschooler with new experiences and insights into their own capabilities.

All four Olympic gymnastics events (uneven bars, beam, floor, and vault), rope swing, zip line, parachute and much more are used in conjunction with group activities to help your child have a great time at Discovery and also work on their kindergarten readiness.

Preschool classes are offered both in the mornings and during the afternoons on several different days throughout the week.

Boys and Girls Recreation: Ages 6-11
Recreational classes are designed to teach fundamental gymnastics skills on all gymnastics events. As students advance skills are put together in sequence for routines they can show to family and friends at our fun meets held twice a year.

Tumbling: Ages 6-18 years
If your child's favorite event is tumbling, this is a great class!  This class is very popular with cheerleaders.  Skills included in this class are cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, back bend kickovers, and drills for backhandsprings.  More advanced classes may include drills for back handsprings, front handsprings, and flips.

Parent and Child: Ages 18 months - 3 years
Enjoy gymnastics with your child!  What toddler doesn't love to roll, climb, dance and sing?  Here at Discovery we offer a class just for you and your child to enjoy all those stepping stones in their life. This class will help to teach your child the beginning skills of gymnastics, to take turns while broadening their attention span, share with others, listen and follow simple instructions. When they are ready they will move to the regular Pre-School (1 hour) class.

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